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Water Damage Restoration Services

Flood & Water Extraction and Cleanup

Water Damage Restoration can be an arduous task. When you have a flood or water leak, water has the tendency to intrude and degrade any surface it comes in contact with. Not only will you need to remove the water from the structure, you may need to repair and replace any building materials such as: wet drywall, wet carpet, wet ceiling tiles, wet wood beams and wet tile. Flood Pro is an IICRC fully certified water damage restoration company based in Nashville that is licensed and bonded for construction and repair.

Steps To Preventing Additional Damage:

  1. If the area is not secure...DO NOT ENTER!
  2. Turn off any electricity supplied to the damaged area.
  3. Turn off any leaking water connections or pipes.
  4. Remove any valuable items from the water.
  5. Call Flood Pro immediately at: (615) 298-9897
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