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We at Flood Pro know the importance of having a fully trained and certifed staff. Our staff members are certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians and carry IICRC and IAQA certifications.

A Message from the President

Time and knowledge

Being in this industry for 15 years, I have dealt with every type of emergency.   Water damage, flood damage, smoke damage, and mold damage.  What they all have in common for successful handling is time and knowledge. 

Time is a key factor in the size and cost of the loss. As with most things the longer they are ignored the larger they become. Flood Pro is exactly what you think, Flood Professionals, and we train and educate everyone from the receptionist to the marketing personnel. 

Knowledge on the other hand demonstrates what to do in order to save time.  Time and knowledge are exactly what you need in an emergency. Flood pro strives to achieve this on every loss.

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